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Protect your small business from these scams


How can I protect my small business from scams?Scams directed at small businesses are growing, posing a significant risk to small businesses. In fact, small business scams can result in a higher monetary loss than those targeting consumers.Based on survey data from BBB’s “Scams a

Small business survival rates high in the state, report says


Nearly 700 more small businesses in Georgia kept their operations going instead of permanently closing in 2016, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Terri Denison, the district director at the Georgia Small Business Administration, attributed the businesses’ succ

The Man Who Noticed KFC Follows 11 Herbs and Spices on Twitter Refutes the Reddit Conspiracy Theory


Earlier this week Mike Edgette, social media manager for TallGrass Public Relations in Sioux Falls, S.D., shared his reward from KFC for spotting its clever Twitter stunt: A painting of himself with Colonel Sanders. A Reddit thread on Wednesday questioned whether Edgette was in o



While many headlines focus on how technology is disrupting marketing, there's another area that is being disrupted: Talent. Over the years, I've seen a growing exodus of digital-savvy talent moving from media agencies to technology companies. And now, I'm one of them.

Why Businesses Will Struggle to Adapt to 2018’s Social Marketing Challenges


In its ongoing efforts to redefine popular beauty standards as part of its decade-long Real Beauty campaigns, Dove learned the hard way about the thin line that exists between positive social message and controversy. For a company that has so successfully promoted positive body i

Lock Down Your Social Media Data With the PlusPrivacy Chrome Extension


Most connected people use services from at least one, if not most of the major tech companies. And while they generally make it easy for you to figure out what data you’re sharing with them and other third-party services, sometimes you need a big, red warning flag—like PlusPrivac

The important insurance policies small business owners are overlooking


When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in October 2012, it was a real blow to Lior Rachmany’s small business, Dumbo Moving + Storage. Although Rachmany had property insurance, he didn’t have a dedicated flood insurance policy, which meant he wasn’t covered for the rising waters o

Beneath the Glitz of a Ford Automobile Launch in China, Fears of a Trade War Remain


Sparkling beneath a hundred flashbulbs, Ford’s newest saloon was presented to the world in the central Chinese megacity of Chongqing on Tuesday, in a symphony of polished paintwork and umbrella-twirling dancers.The unveiling of the next generation Ford Focus is the American autom

Alcohol brands violate advertising rules


The Alcohol and Beverage Code (ABAC) adjudication panel has ruled that XXXX Summer Bright Lager, Wilde Beer and Furphy have all broken advertising rules on social media after a complaint was made by Cancer Council Victoria. The brands repeatedly used young travel bloggers to

'I think he's panicking': Michael Cohen appears to be sending Trump a ton of signals


Entrepreneurship is on the rise, with over 550,000 people going into business for themselves each month in the United States alone. Of course, it's one thing to start your own business. It's quite another to actually make any money off of it.So, how can you know if your n